Lousy with Lice

By the end of my very first week on the road, I rolled into Detroit with a bad case of crabs. I’m not sure where exactly I picked them up. I figured there is a pretty equal chance that I got them from one of the many buses I was on or from the two nights I spent at the Chicago bathhouse Steamworks. Luckily cousin David was unfazed and ran right out and picked up some Nix with conditioner, so not only was I freed from the clutches of crabs, my hair was left soft and manageable.


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  1. I ask myself almost daily a question that is a line from a favorite song….because I think that if I can answer ‘no’ to that question, I’m probably on the right path. That question is, “Did you exchange a walk-on part in a war for a lead role in a cage”? Sounds like you’re answering that question with a ‘no’ today as well. Best wishes, and where’s the “donate” button on this f’ing blog? – Andrew Moore

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