back on the bus; sitting across from a cop; what a self important asshole

 I wasn’t lucky enough to get my preferred seat in the very back of the bus, that went to an extremely obese man who apparently paid for early boarding so he could spread himself across 3 whole seats.  Across from me is a loose group of folks who apparently bonded during their wait in the station.  One of them is a cop in DC. who announced from the moment of boarding that this would be the party bus. For the last 20 minutes or so he has commandeered a neighbors laptop and has been loudly playing rap music or hip hop or whatever the fuck it is that not everyone wants to hear, but I guess he doesn’t really give a fuck because he’s a cop and he gets what he wants and he’s determined that this is his party bus. Someone from the front came back a few minutes ago and said that some people up front have complained. He’s turned the music down, but still obviously doesn’t give a fuck that the point is he’s disturbing others. Oh well, at Cleveland I go one way and he goes the other.


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