I’m a scorekeeper

For a short period I attended a gay men’s support group.  At the beginning of each meeting each person took turns discussing what they had been doing and how the previous week had been.  Each week me and another guy invariably would include our sexual encounters.  At some point the other guys in the group began referring to us as scorekeepers.  I didn’t mind.  Some time later though I began to realize that they weren’t using the term in a positive or affectionate way. In fact they were annoyed that we couldn’t discuss what we were doing without mentioning our sex lives.  I don’t know how to talk about myself without talking about sex.  I stopped attending the group soon after.  Maybe I’m an addict. Maybe I’m a perv. I don’t know. I spend a large part of each day looking for, planning, and having sex.  Oftentimes I’m working to see if I can combine sex partners to get two or three guys together at once so I can save time and free up the rest of my day for other things. I can’t imagine life without sex, and I can’t discuss my life without including sex.  So I just needed to put that out there, that this trip is probably going to include sex.  So if anyone wants to keep score with me – in  the two and a half days I was in Chicago, I fucked with 8 guys. Also, I was having trouble with my camera at first.  I only took two pictures while I was there.  The first was of me getting fucked by a cute 23 year old Latino, and the other is attached.  I’m really going to make an effort to take more pictures of the places I visit and do more than fuck,




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